Your Challenge 

Every small or big decision you made is a challenge of unknown expectations if you are unsure of the first step you will afford. The fast phasing technological tools and infrastructures boost the capacity of your competitors. Your efforts are too high that you spend it loosing your energy.

The Solution 

For unquestionable decisions, rely on experts to be able clearly face the goal your organization have in tracks. Some cognitive functions of a human mind can be boosted by new technology including AI and Robotics. Build an ecosystem not a system. A digitally connected stakeholders makes your organization a truly digital ecosystem.

Our Process

Great planning and collaboration among stakeholders is crucial in our process.

  • Planning

    Depending on your goals, we align the project into close collaborative efforts to satisfy you with all possible outcomes.

  • Organize

    Hyper organize every details for stakeholders understand quickly the workflows of the project.

  • Management

    Project Managers will manage everything until a project smoothly executed and finished.

  • Support

    Our dedicated technical engineers will be always available to answer your questions and assist you everytime

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    We are cohorts of business domain experts and technologists ready to power your business.

    Technology  Enabled Transformation

    Technology change isn’t just about moving up to stay aware of the most recent advancements, however it is additionally about changing your business to utilize technology and information. It is at any rate some portion of the response to pretty much every basic inquiry you are posing about how your association will prevail in the new computerized condition. There are numerous chances to consider.

    Develop your business to take advantage of innovation

    There is another outskirts of investigation based methodologies that can enable your association to address operational difficulties like cost structures, quality, work processes, supply chains, and hazard controls. The interest for straightforwardness and portable innovation is raising quickly. With so much information accessible, security and protection concerns are likely top of psyche for you and your group. There is a lot to be done – and quick. Yet, before making these innovation ventures, it is imperative to know how it can enable your association to settle on better choices and run all the more productively. When you think about how each bit of your business can work better with innovation, you will start to receive the rewards of innovation change.

    Which ventures will you have to make  a responsible consideration association that works proficiently? In what manner will you address protection and security hazards as the progression of wellbeing information strengthens? In what capacity can the new achievements in examination help your association settle on better choices in all territories? Innovation is evolving quick. What’s more, your association’s capacity to stay aware of those changes, yet in addition stretch out beyond them, could be the upper hand you have to immovably get a handle on an administration position in this new advanced digital system.


    HASLOO NETWORK PLATFORMS – Results quickened

    Complex market elements. Troublesome innovation powers. Mounting aggressive weights. What does it take to beat these difficulties—and support results after some time? The intensity of a platform.

    Our Platforms are developed of market-prepared items and arrangements, business grade innovation resources, and a differing digital system of specific administrations and abilities. Worked through long periods of experience conveying world-class administration and results, Hasloo Network Platforms’ counseling items and arrangements are quickening time to result and make manageable incentive crosswise over enterprises and capacities. IP-enlivened, results centered, and legacy rich, our stages influence intense moves.

    Results centered

    We imagine and assemble items and arrangements in an unexpected way. Hasloo Network Platforms are showcase engaged and structured in view of your ideal results. Sharpened for both exactness and adaptability, our pre-manufactured products, innovation resources, quickening tools, and crossover arrangements can be connected to your difficulties independently or all things considered to help convey esteem rapidly and support upgrades as business and economic situations change.



    By working at the crossing point of methodology, experience structure, computerized stages and arrangements, we can create arrangements that breath life into your desire.

    We’re the digital consultancy built for technological innovation.

    We help organisations focus investments and creative input on the issues and actions with the most impact.

    We help our clients operate at the intersection of left and right brain, where compelling experiences deliver business outcomes.

    E-Commerce Platforms (e.g. Hybris, Demandware)
    Content Platforms (e.g. Adobe, Sitecore)
    Marketing Automation
    CPQ Platforms

    We provide media-specific services that continually enhance the effectiveness of your digital assets and campaign investments.

    HASLOO NETWORK Ecosystems and Alliances

    An engine to help convey you forward

    Our associations with best-of-breed suppliers make beneficial, customary partnerships conceivable, yet we go well beyond vital counseling firm administrations to arrange these partnerships into ecosystem coordinated to your one of a kind desire. This encourages you scale exponentially and tap into the worth capability of super innovation patterns. We won’t simply give you a one-time arrangement—we’ll help make a motor to convey you forward.

    Disruption is here—driven by worldwide network, digitization, information, and purchaser power—and human needs are reshaping the economy. As the lines of conventional business are obscured, pioneers need to adjust to endure. That implies working together with the correct group to quicken development and development in key, inventive, coordinated, and versatile new ways.

    That is the place HASLOO NETWORK Ecosystems and Alliances can help.

    We’re coordinating far reaching business environments of customer and union connections to enable you to understand your most mind boggling difficulties in exponentially incredible ways. By joining driving innovation with our dependable counseling business intuition and solid industry connections, we bring you complete, adaptable, bespoke arrangements that can help you endure—however flourish—in a universe of consistent change.

    Business Digital Transformation Services

    Strategies for owning the disruption

    Designing, actualizing, and following a far reaching business change methodology can enable your association to stay dexterous and responsive in an exceptionally aggressive condition.

    Business advanced change technique: Own the interruption

    ​Executives considering changing their organizations have questions. We can help give answers. New mechanical achievements, moving business sector requests, changing focused techniques, new administrative necessities, and progressively dissident speculators are only a portion of the powers ceaselessly affecting organizations today. Hasloo Network can enable your association to reconsider, update, and push ahead with basic changes to your business and working models that can enable you to decrease costs, set out on another key heading, and boost an incentive in the midst of interruption.

    New difficulties, innovations, and contenders imply that interruption is occurring quicker than at any other time and organizations need to keep pace with—or preferably stretch out beyond—the changing condition to stay suitable and beneficial. Structuring, executing, and following an extensive way to deal with business digital transformation (BDT) can enable your association to take advantage of the open doors made by interruption.

    Technology Integration

    Innovation Integration – sounds straightforward, correct? Be that as it may, as we as a whole know, innovation gadgets (PDAs, PCs, tablets, work area PCs, and the sky is the limit from there) are presently being connected to everything from your production network to your worldwide intranet as far as anyone is concerned administration database. This steady network has expanded the measure of data accessible, changed framework prerequisites, and required a methodology to utilize everything great. Furthermore, that is not all that basic.

    Through our system of worldwide experts, we help customers’ IT associations understand business challenges through the joining of innovation – as discrete administrations or exhaustive arrangements.

    HN partner firms offer both warning and execution administrations to enable customers to all the more likely deal with their innovation associations and arrangement of innovation resources. Our groups take an exceptional industry center and work with business pioneers to illuminate their hardest difficulties through connected advancement – sponsored by overall assets and full-range conveyance.

    Information Management Services

    HN cohort firms give the Information Management (IM) solutions organizations need to address key business challenges by opening the worth covered somewhere down in their information. We help customers in planning, creating, and actualizing innovation and procedures to empower productive data catch, documentation, investigation and dispersion. Our training gets the correct data to the opportune individuals at the perfect time by transforming heaps of information into profitable understanding.

    Our Information Management offerings include:

    Business Intelligence
    Enterprise Content Management
    Enterprise Data Management
    Enterprise Information Management Strategy
    Performance Management Technology
    Platform Architecture and Infrastructure (PA&I) Services

    HN member firms’ Platform Architecture and Infrastructure (PA&I) gatherings evaluates, plans, structures, actualizes, and conveys specialized engineering, system, and broadcast communications administrations to fathom the hardest IT design and foundation issues for our customers. We give prepackaged arrangements on the side of IT improvement, to coordinate business technique and necessities with innovation based answers for convey expanded an incentive to our customers.

    Our PA&I offerings include:

    Architecture Services
    Network Services
    Infrastructure Transformation
    Systems Integration Services

    The Systems Integration practices of HN part firms help customers carry to their hardest coordination challenges over the innovation lifecycle. We fabricate and tailor applications to fit the requirements of your business. From necessities to design, testing to organization and past, we bring an incorporated “entire organization” viewpoint to each extend.

    Our Systems Integration offerings include:

    Functional and Test
    Program Integration and Management
    Solution Integration
    Systems Development
    Technology Advisory Services

    HN cohort firms’ Technology Advisory practices make and support an incentive at the convergence of customers’ the same old thing and innovation methodologies. We give administrations and apparatuses to driving and overseeing Information Technology ventures and tasks. We influence and apply rising and inventive innovations (for example social business, portability, examination, and so on.) to improve business execution. Our mix of profound industry and innovation aptitude enables our customers to acknowledge solid upper hand just as new business openings.

    Our Technology Advisory Services include:

    Enterprise Architecture
    IT Effectiveness
    IT Strategy and Alignment

    Technology Strategy & Architecture

    For most organizations today, innovation is integral to empowering methodology and execution magnificence. HN’s Technology Strategy and Architecture (TS&A) practice prompts CIOs and different CxOs in creating and executing innovation procedures that drive extraordinary business esteem. In a universe of quickening change and innovation advancement, HN TS&A enables our customers to distinguish zones that will have an effect on their business so as to drive center around reasonable arrangements that help the key business methodologies. We help our customers by giving driving practices, thought administration, arrangements, topic specialists with a worldwide encounter, and devices and quickening agents to drive esteem rapidly. HN TS&A bolsters our customers through the arrangement lifecycle from beginning innovation empowered development prompting technique and engineering, and working with our usage practices to operationalize new arrangements.

    Some of the time, the business technique incorporates a business securing, air, or merger. Our TS&A practice gives counsel and execution backing to the merger groups in charge of structuring the enhanced IT work, setting collaboration targets, and accomplishing Day 1 close. Our TS&A practice likewise spends significant time in helping innovation pioneers (i.e., CIOs, CDOs, and so on.) to change the Technology Function by looking at the “Matter of Technology” and actualizing new working models, forms, ability controls, and answers for make innovation works increasingly compelling and proficient. This incorporates administrations and arrangements identified with development, redistributing, design, cloud warning and usage, administration the board, IT money related administration, portable, framework the executives, administration, and application and information the board.

    HN VIRTUAL WORKFORCE – Human Capital

    Business led, people driven

    The up and coming age of business difficulties present another flood of HR, ability, and association challenges. Organizations are concentrating on worldwide development and scale, advancement, steady administrative change, and now a post computerized world. For pioneers this inexorably implies a multi-generational, worldwide virtual workforce working through dispersed systems. The coming years present unmatched open doors for pioneers to affect their associations’ presentation and individuals. At Hasloo Network, we offer bits of knowledge and capacities, utilizing research and examination, to enable you to structure and execute basic Human Capital projects from business driven HR procedures and frameworks to planning inventive ability, authority, and change programs. We bring a special mix of industry, business, and HR, ability, and examination know-how.


    Carefully curated products for you to choose from trusted and partner vendors. We offer well-selected products to build your digital ecosystem with confidence to comply with your business standard. In compliance with the trends in technology and the improvement of tools and software, our data archives of products will ensure your up to date capacity to have your business engine in trends.